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Hanscom News: Lawsuits
  • 5/23/02 Concord Journal: The towns of Bedford, Concord, Lexington and Lincoln have asked a federal court to review an FAA order that allows Shuttle America to fly from Hanscom to Westchester County Airport in New York.

  • 1/17/02 Bedford Minuteman: Local resident points out that in our legal appeal last year the federal court recognized two important points: adding flights is an "undertaking" subject to environmental review, and that the incremental, cumulative impact of additional new flights to Hanscom could result in harm to historic sites.

  • 10/23/01 US Court of Appeals, AP, Concord Journal: Save Our Heritage and ShhAir's appeal to a federal appeals court for a detailed review of the expansion of commercial air service at Hanscom Field has been denied. Save Our Heritage thanks supporters of our case, and points out that the court did confirm two essential points regarding new commercial flights at Hanscom.

  • 8/2/01 AP, Globe, Lexington Minuteman: Coverage of the Federal Appeal court case. Lawyers for the FAA and Massport argued they were exempted from conducting the further review after earlier environmental impact studies showed the growth of the airport would have only limited impact.

  • 7/29/01 Globe: On August 2 a lawyer for Save Our Heritage, ShhAir and others will argue in US First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston that in allowing Hanscom-LaGuardia service, the FAA did not conduct a proper review of impact, and therefore violated its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Department of Transportation Act.

  • 3/22/01 Concord Journal: A friend-of-the-court brief on the case against the FAA filed by Save Our Heritage was signed by U.S. Rep. Martin Meehan (D-Lowell) and Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin. This puts the Commonwealth on the petitioners' side in the case. The Freedom's Way Heritage Association and Historic Concord Inc. also signed the brief.

  • 1/14/01 Globe: On January 22, Bedford held a special Town Meeting to debate joining the lawsuit against the FAA's approval of flights to LaGuardia. 

    In that meeting, residents voted overwhelmingly (505-129) to join in the legal action being brought by ShhAir and SOH against the FAA. This vote does not bind the selectmen to take the action, however it is a gratifying and welcome action on the part of the citizens of Bedford. Congratulations to all who helped in the outstanding effort and thanks to those who came out to vote at Town Meeting.

    The town is now strongly considering joining the lawsuit.

  • Bedford residents are pushing for the town to join the appeal against Shuttle America flights to LaGuardia. They are trying to call a special town meeting to discuss the issue. This meeting will probably be called for January 22, 2001.

  • 10/26/00 Herald: The towns request for a summary judgment against Massport was denied on October 25, 2000. The legal case is still proceeding.

  • 10/19/00 Lexington Minuteman: On October 17, both sides presented their cases in Middlesex Superior Court.

  • 7/27/00 Bedford Minuteman: The four Hanscom-area towns asked for a summary judgment against Massport and Shuttle America on July 14. The towns claim that Massport illegally asked the FAA to change Hanscom's certification status to allow Shuttle America flights.

  • 11/04/99 Concord Journal: The towns' attorneys, Hale and Dorr, are preparing material for the next phase of the lawsuit against Massport.

  • [News from Aug 2, 1999]

    In an unprecedented action, the HATS Selectmen, representing all four towns, have hired the legal firm of Hale and Dorr to pursue legal actions regarding the proposed Shuttle America commuter flights at Hanscom.

    ShhAir has engaged the firm of Anderson and Kreiger to represent our organization in the proceedings. Long time legal counsel for ShhAir, Jeffrey Bernstein of Bernstein, Cushner and Kimmell was too heavily booked for the next few months to take on this task at such short notice. His associate will be providing briefings for both new law firms on the environmental and regulatory work they have done for us over the past nine years.

    Individuals from Concord (Save Our Heritage) have retained Gregor McGregor to represent them in these proceedings in conjunction with the other lawyers.

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